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Museu do Mar 

Workshop Navegar no Céu

Partnership with Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço


The night sky gives us a landscape of light to enjoy. It we want to explore this landscape, the constellations are practical conventions that allow us to guide in the sky and share it.

In partnership with the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço, LUMINA joined forces with Cascais European Youth Capital and will work with Carcavelos Secondary School, explaining what a constellation is, as well as teaching how to identify some of the constellations easier to recognize in the summer / autumn sky.

Participants will realize that stars have different colors and that this color is related to their surface temperature.


Workshop A Volta ao Mar

Partnership with Pescador Cascalense Carlos Ambrósio


Aiming to enhance the local culture, as well as working with the community of Cascais, LUMINA joined Cascais European Youth Capital to develop the Workshop A Volta ao Mar.

By valuing environmental sustainability and reducing the plastic that ends up in the sea, Cascais children will learn how to build an octopus trap, used by the local fishermen and why it is important to protect the sea.

This workshop will be held with the help from the local fishermen Carlos Ambrósio, discussing various issues such as sustainability, recycling and environment.

During the workshop children will learn how to build the traps that will later be illuminated and will be an integral part of LUMINA works.

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