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PARADE - Cidadela - Câmara Municipal de Cascais - Marina 

« Kiss whoever you want ».


It’s what we could understand when the Lampadophores chants, sing or giggle cheerfully. It’s what we could understand if we knew this language which seems inherited from a Dadaist great-uncle. The most attentive and the accomplished polyglots will certainly identify the loans in the languages of the vast world. And if their captivating and bewitching tone is not enough to cross the language barrier,they will know how to give the example. Three pirouettes, a small dance, a kiss, a smack, a peck. Enter the circle of light, it belongs to you.

For these soft illuminated, all kinds of tenderness are to be lit. Whom they are already at the end of lips or still hidden behind the head, they will always know how to celebrate them. Come on, don’t be timorous Approach, approach, spirited nonagenarians, dashing militaries, hesitating prepubescent. Do not hide anymore, charming single ones, candidates for the adultery, reckless tourists.

This evening, if you are ready to embrace each other cheerfully, your place is in the light.

Lampadophores is a coproduction with "Fête des Lumières de Lyon"


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